Quality Assurance

Punjab Carbonic follows the latest international processes and SOPs for quality assurance checks. Quality analysis is done at various stages of production.

Raw Material

Raw material is completely analyzed for several parameters continuously.

In Process

During In – Process, effectiveness of each process is verified incessantly, based on criticality of each process.

Final Product

Punjab Carbonic follows only 100% inspection plan. Each and every cylinder or tanker is subjected to Complete quality checks. Not a gram of CO2 is allowed to be shipped without comprehensive analysis. All our shipments are certified with 'Quality Assurance Certificate'. Every tanker is subjected to Safety Audits, before shipment. All of these tankers are certified with ‘Safety Assurance Certificate’, before shipment.The transport crew is trained and certified for safety and product related activities.

Every plant of the company is equipped with latest instruments to analyze impurities in CO2 upto ppb levels. Punjab Carbonic analyzes all impurities as per ISBT standards. Further, annually, feed gas samples and final product samples from each production unit are sent to Atlantic Analytical Laboratory, New Jersey USA, for comprehensive analysis.

All associates are trained and retrained for identifying non-conformities. All of them have absolute power to stop production or shipment, if any non–compliance is found, without any need of approvals.

Hence, with Punjab Carbonic, clients can rest easy and be absolutely assured of buying a world-class product.