Beverages & Breweries

Carbon dioxide, CO2, is used in beverages for carbonation. It provides the FIZZ in soft drinks. Apart from this CO2 provides product stability, attractive and fresh visual presentation and the tingly taste. Punjab Carbonic produces High Purity Liquid Carbon dioxide. Using our CO2 reduces foaming, hence reducing rejection. Due to the High Purity, there is elimination of vent from Carbonator. Punjab Carbonic gets their product analyzed from Atlantic Analytical Laboratory, New Jersey, USA. Punjab Carbonic produces High Purity Liquid Carbon dioxide in line with International Society for Beverage Technologists’ standards. All these efforts have resulted in getting the privilege of servicing to the requirements of major global soft drink producers in India.Punjab Carbonic supplies High Purity Liquid Carbon dioxide to major breweries in India.

MIG Welding

Carbon dioxide is used in Metal Inert Gas welding, as shielding gas. As CO2 is heavier than air, it is blanketed around the area to be welded, thereby eliminating Oxygen from entering this atmosphere. Using High Purity Liquid Carbon dioxide, increases weld bead appearance, eliminates blowholes and reduces spatter. Naturally, this results in reduction of rejection and re-working and increase in productivity. Punjab Carbonic supplies their CO2 to major automobile and engineering companies in the country.

Airline Catering

Airlines catering companies use food trolleys equipped with Dry Ice packages to preserve the food quality and freshness. Punjab Carbonic supplies their Dry Ice to major airline-catering companies in India.

Food Processing

Fruits & Vegetables, Meat Processing, Sea Foods, Spice Grinding, Super Critical Extraction

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is an industrial cleaning process. Dry Ice pellets are propelled at Supersonic speeds towards the surface to be cleaned. Dry Ice leaves no residue, toxic fumes and pollution, thereby eliminating manual cleaning.


Fire Extinguishers

CO2 is used to remove Oxygen from the site of fire, thereby extinguishing the fire and stop it from spreading.


CO2 is used for hardening of cores in Sodium Silicate sand moulds.

Effluent Treatments

CO2 is used to bring down the pH levels in effluent water in industries. CO2 being weakly acidic in nature, is safe for environment and people. It is non-corrosive and does not result in scaling of pipelines.


Dry Ice is used for drug manufacturing to prevent bacterial growth. It is used to maintain low temperature in formulation process. Unlike other cryogenic gases, Dry Ice is used in the outer jacket of the reactor in bulk drug preparation.Punjab Carbonic supplies their High Density Dry Ice to major pharmaceutical companies in India.

Ice Creams

Dry Ice, solid CO2, is used for transportation of Ice Creams. Dry Ice increases the shelf life of ice cream and it eliminates power required for refrigeration. It is easy to use and there is no residue left for cleaning.Punjab Carbonic supplies their High Density Dry Ice to major Ice Cream producers in the country.


CO2 is used in controlled and measured quantities in Controlled Environment Gardens to help plant growth.

Fruits & Vegetables

Dry Ice is used for preserving fruits and vegetables. It is easy and convenient to use.